blog and the importance of advertising synergy, the online insurance company famed for its breezy adverts, recently released a new Facebook app, cheerily entitled ‘House of Horrors‘. The app, which uses your Facebook data to reinforce the importance of home insurance, follows a burglar around your abode as he looks through all your framed Facebook photographs before making off with a MacBook. It’s sinister stuff and you’re all ready to renew your insurance policy as the call to action rolls.

The concept should be a familiar one. The app borrows heavily from the viral hit, a website which drags your personal data into the dilapidated home of an online stalker poking around your Facebook profile. Take This Lollipop is sinister, effective and, as a stand-alone piece of marketing absolutely brilliant. The concept lends itself quite nicely to the importance of home insurance and, as an application, the House of Horrors is an effective piece of marketing. It’s just not the right piece of marketing for

The most recent campaign for (embedded below) is a world removed from the themes featured in the House of Horror. The adverts are friendly and informal; the standard value de jour for insurance companies. The content on the Facebook page is in a similar vein. The tone is positive. The brand mascot is a cartoon.

Odd then that the company would diverge from this message with an app so far apart from its brand. The app is sinister and threatening and totally at odds with the values so delicately replicated across its offline and online offerings. While the company may enjoy a bump in conversions in the days House of Horrors gets passed around Facebook, the long-term effects on its brand as a result of this confused message may be more severe.

Social media marketing is still marketing. And it still needs to reflect the brand’s values. It’s horrific to think otherwise.