Daring heroes unmasked

Delineo staffers are always ready to step up in an emergency to see the job through. And never more so than when the task literally requires them to don masks and capes to save the day.

Last month the 'bat-phone' rang on behalf of one of our clients, The IT Insider, for whom we needed to produce a series of low budget short films, promoting a quiz for online retailers.

The 'Retail Heroes' videos star stand-up comedian Peter Slater and actress Rosina Carbone, with a superb supporting cast from the Delineo payroll.

Dave, Olivia, Andy and Paige all put in Oscar-worthy cameos, under the able direction of Jim Mooney from The Basement (without whose help the project would never have got made - thanks again, Jim!)

To see the full set of videos and have a laugh at our expense, head over to The IT Insider’s YouTube channel.

To enable similar projects in the future, we're recommending to the board that we install a revolving bookcase with a chute leading to a basement garage and a jet-propelled car on permanent standby.