Delineo Mindfulness Week

All this week at Delineo we’ve been going the extra mile to improve our workplace wellbeing. Welcome to Delineo Mindfulness Week.

Need to destress at work? Yep, us too. And not because we hate our jobs. But because work simply is stressful every now and again. Here at Delineo, we don’t want our colleagues to sit and suffer in silence. Because we know that sometimes you really do just need a minute to yourself.

So, this week we’ve been focusing on all things mental health, with the aim of improving wellbeing in our workplace. And it’s not just been about giving away free food either. (Although that really does always go down a treat.) Instead we wanted to educate our team about all the things they can do at Delineo to destress. From sharing out their workload to getting out of the office, here’s a quick round up of what we got up to during Delineo Mindfulness Week.

Delineo Mindfulness Week

Feeling more zen? Fabulous. Although, let’s be honest, having a banana isn’t going to put the world to right if you’re really struggling. If you need more long term help, don’t be afraid to have a chat with your manager. Because, if you’re living with anxiety, depression or anything else, there’s always something they can do to help lighten the load.

Have you got any brilliant tips for keeping your cool at work? Let us know over on Twitter!