5 marketing tips for a fintech startup

Setting up your own business is always a daunting task. Setting up a new fintech company, one designed to digitally disrupt the banking industry, can seem impossible. To grow your business, you’ll need a fintech marketing strategy, and a creative and innovative one at that. Below are 5 helpful and handy tips to achieve the kind of success you’re working towards.

1.    Education, education, education

We’ve come a long way since that famous speech, but the sentiment remains true today. With a recent surge in fintech marketing, it’s important to educate online customers. People need to know what your processes and authorisation procedures are before they will use your product. The easier your fintech UX design is, on your app and/or website, the easier the customers will come.

2.    Network online and offline

Never underestimate the power of networking, both online and offline - your offline brand image is just as important as your online one.

Using LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook will make the search for other start-up business people easy enough. Using a hashtag will help you reach out to people who may be attending events and helps you network at the same time. Win, win!

 Once you have your events lined up, consider how you might network more productively, and set yourself clear goals: have business cards ready and document who you hand them out to so you can follow up later. Being an event guest speaker means you have a visual marketing tool to use on social media later that you can promote and further your visibility.

3.     Research your target audience

Your marketing strategy needs to be firmly in place before you start up. Let’s make that clear. If you’re aiming at the wrong audience, it won’t matter how good you or your product are because no one is listening. A fintech marketing strategy needs to be engaging from the very start, so make sure you use the right social media channels to attract market influencers and reach out to the pertinent markets. Carry out market research and build personas to identify who your target audience are.

4.    Use social media selectively to build trust

Social media has more clout than you think when it comes to brand awareness. In terms of marketing for start-ups, it provides the perfect opportunity to reach people around the world in seconds. LinkedIn has 500 million users – five and a half times the population of the UK.

 If you’ve done your research, you’ll know which channels to focus on and how to change your content style and tone to fit each channel.  Add videos and even GIFs to your content strategy, as moving images dominate our world today.

 By staying in contact with customers, you can answer questions, deal with issues quickly and build a good rapport with them. They can even leave feedback to help you build trust, and with messages highlighting how quickly you respond to queries, trust will be easily gained and maintained.

5.     Monitor KPIs

With so many fast-paced changes in the digital world, it’s important to stay on top of what works and what doesn’t. Monitoring KPIs will help you to see which areas are working well and which need to be tweaked to help you push for more business. Decide on your KPIs and stick with them – as they’ll be one of your indicators of success.


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