Delineo has a track record of delivering book sales campaigns and over the last five years, we’ve launched some of the most high-profile book releases in recent years. We have been passionate about creating innovative digital marketing campaigns, often using inspiring, eye-catching creative and leading the adoption of new social media channels and formats.

Our experience in publishing has given us a unique insight into this industry and digital marketing performance across platforms and formats. This includes brand campaigns to promote the author, campaigns that drive conversation and interest with current readers, and paid media campaigns that solely aim to drive book sales across all major social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, The SuperAwesome Network, Spotify, as well as all Google properties, including the Google Display Network, YouTube, and Google Paid Search.

Our experience also means we have worked with authors at different stages in their careers, from newly published creators to globally-recognised authors with highly anticipated releases.

What we do: