SEO is no quick-fix, says Google


Google’s recent video puts bad SEO practices in the spotlight, further highlighting that long-term success is no quick fix. We investigate. For an organisation looking for SEO services, it can be hard to understand that improving rankings doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, agencies that tell you your SEO will improve in a short space of […]

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‘Don’t fluff it!’, and 6 other essential copywriting tips!


I came to Delineo in October 2016 wanting to learn more about the world of digital marketing and copywriting. It’s a tough nut to crack. My background is in teaching English but I recently qualified as a copywriter. However, my qualification on paper was, frankly, proving somewhat flimsy. One thing I do have is some […]

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5 simple rules to making videos that people actually watch


As a digital marketing agency, we get asked to create a lot of videos for our clients. From heartwarming stories to corporate explainers, the content can vary massively. But if you want to make sure your videos actually get watched, there are a few key rules that always apply… 1. Think about sharing triggers before […]

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How to get your content converting


Ever written a brilliant piece of well thought-out content only to be left perplexed when it’s failed to convert? For many content writers, coming up with and executing great content ideas isn’t a problem, however getting each piece to achieve the metrics expected of it can be a little tricky. So, if you’re regularly coming […]

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What does virtual reality mean for marketing?

2017 looks set to be the year that virtual reality finally becomes mainstream, with big name brands like Facebook, HTC, PlayStation, Google and Samsung all planning to release their own VR headsets. Soon, the technology will no longer be accessible only to fanatics with huge budgets, but available for everyone to enjoy. Virtual reality offers […]

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Are you making these 5 common SEO mistakes? Here’s how to avoid them!


With SEO services often hidden behind a ‘smoke and mirrors’ façade, it’s no surprise that brands, bloggers and even writers often don’t know where to begin. Search marketing has drastically changed over the past five years alone, and yet the myths surrounding it are still – ironically – easily accessible online. Reaching the top has […]

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Delineo Management Buyout

Delineo Executive Management Team

Thursday February 13th 2014 might not be a date that will go down in corporate history but this was the day the management team, assembled over 7 years by Delineo CEO and majority shareholder Nick Melvin, was presented with the opportunity of a lifetime: a Management buyout and the chance to actually own the agency […]

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Under The Arches – Holly Duffy

As part of our series of interviews with the team here at Delineo, our Digital Content Executive Holly, joins us on the sofa for a chat about life in and out of the office. What attracted you to Delineo? I wanted to work for an SEO or digital marketing agency in Manchester that had teams […]

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It has been almost a year since Delineo adopted DoubleClick as our preferred platform for measuring & delivering online campaigns, so how it gone & what have we done with it? Performance Tracking Advanced floodlight tracking has given us unparalleled scalability of data across all online media, allowing us to track campaign performance across multiple […]

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What really makes a good advert?


Last Thursday, John Lewis released their annual Christmas advert and officially started the countdown to Christmas. As always, the advert sparked a social media frenzy, with many of us racing to find out what heart-warming message John Lewis had in store for us this year. But this got us thinking – what really makes a […]

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