Creative Copywriter Job

Woman Toilet Texting

Delineo, an award-winning digital marketing agency in Manchester, is hiring a creative copywriter.  Are you a talented writer who’s more than ‘just’ a wordsmith? We need someone to create big ideas as well as well-crafted copy. Someone who can dream up a great visual, as well as a great line. Someone who can get to […]

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Finally, Snapchat to launch self-serve ads manager!


Brands and digital marketing agencies, rejoice! Six years after the popular image-sharing app launched, Snapchat has now built a tool that allows organisations to buy and manage their own ads. Previously, most of the adverts on the app could only be purchased from Snapchat directly and were created using a Snapchat Partner. The process, from buying […]

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Why local SEO is crucial for your digital marketing success

local seo

If you’re a local business and want to be easily found by potential customers, local SEO is essential. There’s no getting around it. Without a well-thought out local SEO strategy in place, you’re setting yourself up to fail. But what exactly is local SEO? How does it different from normal SEO? And why is it […]

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Has Facebook turned into the most powerful election weapon?

Has Facebook turned into the most powerful election weapon?

Last year, the world was left reeling after two major political upsets. First Brexit, then Trump. Both votes went against the polls’ predictions, sending shockwaves around the globe. So, how did the analysts get it so wrong? Well, according to BBC Panorama’s latest investigation, it all comes down to Facebook. The global social networking channel, […]

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Is Manchester tipped to be the next leading digital city?


Manchester. A city of firsts. This bustling metropolis was home to the first programmable computer; it was where the first test tube baby was created and born; and even received the title for the world’s first passenger railway – operating from Liverpool Road. As the city has evolved, from the boom of the textile industry […]

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Introducing Facebook Stories

Facebook Stories

Facebook Stories. It doesn’t really sound like anything new, does it? But for those not accustomed to keeping up with the latest social media updates, Facebook actually only adopted the story format at the end of March 2017. So, why have they added this new function to their app? Well, in short, it’s Facebook’s answer […]

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Delineo day out: Alton Towers and a crazy Snapchat Geofilter


Due to Europe’s largest crane installing a new bridge on Chapel Street, the entire digital agency decided to leave the drizzly and chaotic surroundings of Manchester, and spend a day at the epicentre of childhood amusement – Alton Towers. Equipped with bags under our eyes and a desperate need for caffeine – swiftly overcome by […]

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How to avoid an advertising debacle like that troubled Pepsi advert


On the 4th April, Pepsi released their new ad, ‘Jump In’. Within 24 hours, it was pulled from broadcast. The short film featured wealthy A-lister, Kendall Jenner boldly exiting a photo shoot to join a mass of young, raucous (yet seemingly cheerful) protestors. Brazenly walking up to the police line, she hands over a can […]

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How is voice search redefining SEO?


Voice search is the future. Do you remember using a search engine in the late 1990s? Just before the turn of the millennium? No? Well, if you don’t, I’ll remind you. See, things have drastically changed since then, and it’s mad to think search wasn’t as sleek as it is now. You’d have one of […]

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