Shaking Up the Car Lease Market with Moneyshake

How do you cut through the clutter and disrupt the car search market? Over the past few months we've been working closely with the Moneyshake team to shape their brand, strategy and social media presence, providing them the platform to bring customers the best car lease deals, without the ordeal.

Brits love new cars and increasingly more of us are turning to leasing rather than buying cars – with research from the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association showing that there are over 5 million leased cars in the UK alone.

More than a tech startup, Moneyshake are a brand with a mission: to make car buyers lives easier. They want to help people find their new car lease deal quickly and easily, by cutting through the clutter to present nothing but the best deals for them.

The partnership

When we first spoke with Moneyshake, we immediately knew there was a special partnership in the making. We were enthused by their brand vision to ‘shake up the car lease market’, but most importantly, we saw brilliant, entrepreneurial people who we could work together with in the long term.

Our task was simple. To take a brand identity and develop a brand. To take a name and logo and give it meaning, develop a story and compelling reasons to believe that would see them stand out in a crowded market. Ultimately, we saw an opportunity to truly disrupt a market.

To do this, we embarked on a four-week project to develop the Moneyshake brand, running three individual sprints: Brand Discovery, Brand Development and Brand Execution working directly with their board and close-knit investors. We also conducted workshops alongside the Moneyshake senior team, as well as competitor analysis in order to create different territories which could then be explored creatively.

Moulding the Moneyshake brand

The strapline ‘Car lease deals without the ordeal’ was based on the insight that customers found the car search process painful. Not only the act of finding cars, but comparing lease deals left customers with the feeling they didn’t know whether they were getting a good deal or being ripped off.

The strapline reflected the Moneyshake difference – free from hassle and confusion, and completely transparent for potential customers. This is the difference they deliver for the customer.

Moneyshake are straight-talking and out-of-the-ordinary, and we’re excited to have developed a brand that cuts through any newsfeed.

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