Is your agency truly reactive?

New social campaign briefed, set-up and live in 3 hours!

Being “reactive” is a hot topic these days, but how many agencies are truly reactive?

We don’t mean writing social posts for a Twitter hashtag that’s trending, which, we’ll admit is technically being reactive… We mean, can the teams you work with move quickly to jump on an opportunity to sell products? A really last-minute opportunity that no one was expecting?

Just before lunchtime we received a phone call that stated: “This is trending now…. could I have activity live today?!” The strategy wasn’t set. The creative wasn’t made. All we knew was the objective and the importance of this moment. In fact, this moment might not come around again.


A quick plan of action with one of our strategists who answered the phone was set with channels and potential audiences. It was down to our performance team to stop what they were doing, set-up the account builds for two channels, upload the creative and… make live.

It happened.

In just three hours.

The next day we made optimisation recommendations and budget changes for the last spur of activity.

It was only live for two days. And two days was enough to capture a viral moment that we were sure would help sell the book in question.

The book jumped from 10,000th place on Amazon to around 3,000th in less than a day of activity.

Our average cost-per-click was £0.20 on one channel, less than the average for this industry that expects anything up to £0.50.

And expectedly, we generated a high engagement rate on the channel the topic was trending on.

In just a few hours.

So, what do you think?

Can your agency do that?

Find out how why being agile is at the centre of our communications innovation approach. Do it.