Agency day: Alton Towers and a Snapchat Geofilter

Due to Europe’s largest crane installing a new bridge on Chapel Street, the entire digital agency decided to leave the drizzly and chaotic surroundings of Manchester, and spend a day at the epicentre of childhood amusement – Alton Towers. Equipped with bags under our eyes and a desperate need for caffeine – swiftly overcome by a burning excitement to jump on all the rides – the atmosphere was electric. And, we were buzzing.

With a coach journey, a buffet arranged and even balloons in our hospitality suite, it appeared everything had been pre-planned for our trip. But, what could we do while impatiently waiting for our turn on the Smiler, Oblivion or Rita?

To pass time spent in the queues at Alton Towers, and to generate an even bigger hype for the #DelineoDayOut, we created a personalised Snapchat Geofilter, scheduled for the day of our visit. Geofilters are the simpler Snapchat filters, overlaying a static template onto your image. This type of filter is great if you want to target people in one location, from cities to stadiums, but the cost varies as you’re competing for ad space like any other social media platform.

The parameters were devised around the entrance of the legendary theme park and continued all the way to the scariest of rides. Besides this, we ran it for the duration of our trip, from 10.00am till 6.00pm, giving us plenty of time to snap our day and share with friends.

Despite creating it for our own entertainment, other Alton Towers visitors also had access to the filter – and could use it themselves. So not only were we having fun, but we were showcasing the Delineo brand to anyone on the app in the vicinity!

After an adrenaline-fuelled day on all the rides, and plenty of Snaps to prove it, we had a well-deserved rest on the coach home - unsurprisingly spent scrolling through our Snapchat and Instagram Stories!

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