Delineo introduce ‘Zest’

Social media presents a prime opportunity to connect and influence your brands community or customers. But with a number of metrics available, which ones actually matter?

It’s simple to track the number of followers you have, report on the number of posts you sent or the optimal audience reached, but how do you really report on the impact it’s having on your business? How do you make sure everyone understands the impact social can have?

At Delineo we’re changing the way we report on social media and we’re focussing on the metrics that matter.

Metrics that matter

What matters is everything that happens after you post, tweet, retweet or share. What matters is how your posts are being engaged with. Engagement is a great objective, as good engagement can lead to an increase in web traffic, growing brand awareness and getting your brand’s voice heard.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Did your post grab people’s attention?
  • Was it worthy of sharing or talking about with other people?
  • Did it initiate a conversation or a discussion?

Adopt this into a real life situation. Are you likely to engage in conversation with someone who hasn’t got something interesting to say? Would you then share this with your friends because it was so interesting you just couldn’t keep it to yourself? Did it make you want to talk about it yourself?

When you share something engaging on social media or in real life people respond – making you interesting.  This is where ‘Zest’ comes in. Delineo are adopting a new method of engagement tracking and we’ll be focusing on three rates that make up a brands social Zest score.

It’s simple:

Conversation rate – The number of conversations each posts initiates.

Amplification rate – How many times a post is retweeted or shared – ‘amplified’.

Applause rate – The appreciation that each post is shown, whether it be a like or a favourite.


The Delineo Zest score simply shows you how engaging you are on Social. The more interesting you are, the higher your Zest score will be.

This new insight will be able to help you make decisions on what social channels are right for your brand and who is interacting with your content and where. The Zest score enables us to monitor activity on all networks and improve engagement with your content in the right places and on the right channels. Getting the data is the simplest part, it’s knowing what to do with it. Determining what’s working and what’s not.

Now, I bet you’re wondering what your ‘Zest’ score would be?