SEO is no quick-fix, says Google

Google’s recent video puts bad SEO practices in the spotlight, further highlighting that long-term success is no quick fix. I investigate.

For an organisation looking for SEO services, it can be hard to understand that improving rankings doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, agencies that tell you your SEO will improve in a short space of time are either being dishonest, or using black hat methods, according to Google’s latest video.

What are black hat methods?

Black hat SEO methods are underhand techniques that manipulate Google, such as keyword stuffing and buying links. They may increase your rankings in the short term, but they’ll ruin the future of your search visibility. This is because Google know the practices that are undertaken by bad search agencies, and if they find your site using them, you can drop rankings, or even worst -  be removed from search completely.

What are white hat methods?

As stated in Google’s video: “Your SEO potential is only as high as your website quality”. The key to high rankings is to strive for excellence. White hat methods are Google’s recommended way of improving your rankings, from devising a mobile-friendly website and writing descriptive meta-descriptions, to offering easy navigation for users. White hat methods, when adopted, will help your search visibility in the long term, and are worth the wait.

Ranking improvements can take between four months and a year, says Google

According to Google, search engine optimisation changes and ranking improvements take between four months to a year. This means that if agencies are offering you improved search quicker, they probably aren’t using the correct channels and are likely to cause further issues.

How to know if an SEO agency does things by the book

To provide assistance, Google have published their own quality guidelines, of which our SEO team conform to. By comparing what your search agency has offered to do, with Google’s recommended practices to hand, you can identify which type of methods the company are using – white hat or black hat.

However, in an ideal scenario, you’d know how good a search agency is before hiring them. Google recommends you conduct two interviews with the company and request a site audit beforehand. Only then will you be able to see what they’re planning to do to improve search. At Delineo, we provide an in-depth technical audit for all potential clients, offering an overview of the on-site and off-site improvements, from technical SEO to content and link building.

We’re a Google Partner

At Delineo, we’re proud to be a Google Partner, providing our SEO team with access to the latest industry news and training. Certification means we’ve met Google’s stringent guidelines, including proven industry activity and a competent workforce.

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