Dog Friday goes LIVE with Co-op Insurance

If you’re a follower of the Delineo Instagram account, you’ll know that every Friday is Dog Friday in our office. And this week Co-op Insurance also decided to do something dog-related on a Friday: by filming a Facebook Live event with 9-month-old Bertie, the miniature schnauzer.

It was all about answering the perennial question: ‘What does a dog get up to when he’s home alone?’ So with the help of Bertie, who belongs to our Creative Director Leigh, a specially designed Facebook Live camera, and Matt the Vet, who was there to answer any questions from followers, we set to work.

Bertie was filmed for an hour and a half in total, and performed beautifully. While he was snoozing in the sun, climbing on the kitchen table, and tearing up a book, Matt the Vet was explaining what his behaviour meant in real time, and answering followers’ questions about their own pets.

The final video had more than 1,000 organic views on the day it was streamed, and now has over 3,400. It was also shared 248 times on the Co-op Insurance Hub – meaning that we certainly achieved our goal of starting meaningful conversations around pets in the home.

Watch Bertie in action!

Or check out our weekly Dog Friday snaps on our Instagram page!