Under the arches - Helen Parr

Our Office Manager and all round superstar, Helen Parr, gives us an insight into her busy schedule here at delineo.

Tell me more about your role at Delineo

 I am the office manager, marketing coordinator and am involved with HR – one minute I can be ordering milk, the next coordinating the marketing activity, badgering people for time or money or managing the office relocation with no notice! My days are so varied, it’s really refreshing and certainly makes the hours fly.

What attracted you to Delineo?

 I’d finished my degree, had a baby and wanted to get back in to work but only part time. Delineo appealed to me firstly because of the work they did and the clients they worked with and secondly, if I’m honest because of the hours! When I got here it was even better than I’d imagined. Great people, great agency!

What does a typical day consist of for you?

 I start my day with typical office management jobs, book holidays, sift through CV’s for up and coming talent, work on our marketing calendar and end with a lightbulb change or two. I’m pretty nifty at changing lightbulbs! I have multiple plates spinning at any one time, it’s never boring that’s for sure.

What digital aspect could you not live without in your personal life?

 I hate myself for saying this but my phone. I never wanted to be one of those people whose phone was like their third hand but I am! In my defence, everything is digital now so although I’ve gone in kicking and screaming, wanting my etchersketch to write messages, I kind of love it especially as I can take a gazillion photos of my little boy! Because let’s face it, he’s so cute (said the biased mother!)