Here's why you should be advertising on Bing

By Emma Cocker, Copywriter

In recent years, search engine dependency has sky rocketed worldwide. This means that, for most of us, it’s difficult to get through the day – or even hour – without opening a browser, tapping in a topic, and scrolling through the endless number of page results that appear.

But, for many businesses, a question mark hangs over their search engine presence, and how they can make the most of their paid search strategy without overspending on budget. In an age where the internet holds the answer to every question, PPC creates a legitimate chunk of business for a lot of companies – meaning that keyword competition is bigger than ever before.

Now it’s safe to say that, when it comes to search engines, Google is a giant. It’s because of this that people often overlook Bing as a viable option for their paid search budget. Here’s why you should probably rethink that.

Bing’s reach is on the rise

Figures show that Bing is home to over 136 million unique searchers (that’s around 404 million searches per month), with further breakdowns indicating that older generations use this platform as an alternative to more popular search engines. In fact, Bing owns a huge 34% of the search engine market share, meaning that PPC ads published here reach a sizeable audience which, put simply, others can’t.   

You can stretch your spend further

On average, Bing’s cost-per-click is much lower than its competitors, with keywords often coming in at half the price. This means that, for smaller companies utilising common keywords that usually carry a hefty price tag, budgets can be stretched further, and you can get much more bang for your buck.

Get three for the price of one

It’s a well-known fact that Bing is a Microsoft owned company which, in terms of your business, means some real plus points. Bing, Yahoo and AOL are all Microsoft owned platforms, so running a paid search ad on one means spreading your name, and budget, across all three.

Take our word for it

Sometimes, it helps to hear about the results for yourself. As an official Bing partner, we know a thing or two about getting the most out of your paid search strategy with Bing advertising.

Nathan, our Performance Marketing Executive, says:

“We’ve seen more and more clients choosing the Bing network in support of their current Google AdWords activity. As we’re able to spot new opportunities across the channel, clients have seen a continuous increase in conversions, which means decreased CPCs and increased ROAS.

For example, in specific industries Internet Explorer is the main browser – rather than Google Chrome. This gives Bing Ads has the authority over some audiences to create actions.

New updates on the Bing network have also made it easier to optimise campaigns, with the ability to integrate your Google AdWords account to replicate your current structure.”


To find out more about how we can make Bing work for you, get in touch to speak to one of our experts.