The Delineo Story

From typesetting to trend setting

For thirty-five years, Delineo has adapted to change – successfully navigating eight general elections, three recessions and one EU referendum. By continually identifying and embracing new trends, we’ve become an innovation agency resolutely committed to improving effectiveness.

Whilst the spirit of the agency is unchanged, our evolution is astounding. Originally a photography business, we became well-known for typesetting in the days of physical artwork. Design dominated the agenda in the nineties, when Delineo operated as a boutique graphic design agency.  The next decade kicked-off with our first client website and concluded with full-service agency success - changing our campaign mix from 100% print to primarily digital delivery. Since then, we’ve honed our skills and specialised further. Today, our agency is highly evolved and totally focused on a unique Define/Deliver approach that helps client to stay ahead at a time of dramatic change by improving brand and response performance. 

Of all the lessons learnt through our history, the ability to embrace change at pace is the most powerful. That’s why there’s strong demand for our Sprint-based ways of working and simple two-tier ratecard. 

We have a simple message to businesses in our specialist sectors –innovation won’t just improve your marketing effectiveness, it’s the only way to ensure you don’t get left behind. 

Delineo, stay ahead.