Digital First: Part 1

Digital first

So why are we digital first, then?

Simple, because most of our audience is.

From the moment their phone alarm wakes them in the morning. As they surf the net on the train to work. When they log on at their desk. When they check Twitter, walking down the street. When they shop online, update their LinkedIn account, watch video on demand. When they buy a sofa, plan a night out or even go on a date.

It’s all digital first.

There is no such thing as ‘an integrated agency’ any more. Even a ‘digital agency’ is fairly meaningless description for how an agency can contribute to developing, building a brand and it’s relationships with its customers. So, what is Digital First? It’s all about Digital Engagement. We help businesses and brands shape conversations with their customers. We develop their owned properties – marketing campaign activity, websites, social channels, or content – optimize them, track performance, encourage the sharing of those properties and ultimately improve the contribution those all make to the performance of the business. A brands opportunity to impress is so brief, we are focused on improving the quality of engagement. To think digital first, we bring together data and creativity, in campaigns, content, platforms and performance marketing activity.

Over the coming days and weeks, we’ll be blogging about Digital First, how we incite great thinking, focus on user behaviours to shape better more engaging communication.