5 creative campaigns empowering women

Each year, International Women’s Day calls on us to come together and campaign for a more gender inclusive world. Whether it’s celebrating our leading business women, such as Ginni Rometty and Karren Brady, remembering those who have stood up to oppression, like Malala Yousafzai, or simply reminding ourselves that we are more than our gender, I for one always end the day feeling inspired.

However, as the following creative campaigns wonderfully express, campaigning for female empowerment isn’t reserved for just one day of the year. In fact, we should be actively breaking down those degrading stereotypes every day. To mark the occasion, I’ve picked out five brilliant marketing campaigns empowering women.

#WhatIReallyReallyWant – The Global Goals

Last year, The Global Goals movement released the #WhatIReallyReallyWant campaign to inspire women all over the world to share a photo of themselves holding up what they really, really want. Reiterating that women face different challenges all over the world, whether it’s fighting for the right to education or closing the gender pay gap, this campaign serves as a reminder that although gender equality has come a long way, there’s still even further to go. All cleverly tied together with a track from our original girl-power band, the launch video was viewed 3.5 million times on Facebook, empowering thousands to stand up and say what they really, really want.

#ThisGirlCan – Sport England

Think sport is a man’s game? Think again. Sport England’s campaign #ThisGirlCan is all about getting more women into sport - and getting them to feel great while they’re doing it. Away with super trim and toned models, this campaign uses real women to show that if #ThisGirlCan, you can too. Get out there, sweat like a pig, feel like a fox and break down those stereotypes that women can’t be strong, feisty and feminine all at the same time.

#LikeAGirl – Always

What does like a girl mean to you? Is it an insult or something to be embraced? That’s the question Always is making us reconsider with their #LikeAGirl campaign. Challenging the notion that running, throwing or doing anything like a girl has negative connotations, this campaign shines a light on how women are continuously demoralised and patronised by a simple turn of phrase. More importantly, however, they encourage us to not think of the term ‘like a girl’ as a criticism, but instead as an invitation to prove that ability has no gender.

#GirlsCan – CoverGirl

Straight up and to the point, CoverGirl’s #GirlsCan campaign champions a few famous faces who have already challenged the status quo. Ever heard someone say women can’t be funny? Or that they can’t run their own business? Well, CoverGirl is helping women break those barriers by turning can’t into can. Reminding us not to let others make us feel like we can’t achieve something based on our gender, this ad campaign is simply daring you to prove them wrong.

#BanBossy – Lean In

Pushy. Stubborn. Bossy. Labels that often get used instead of ambitious, driven and confident when referring to women. And the effect? Women become less interested in being strong leaders. On the surface, Lean In’s empowering campaign is asking us all to ban the word bossy. But, what it’s really telling us, is not to be confined by labels, stereotypes or archaic gender roles. You can achieve great things just by being you.

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