Inside our Bright Minds: meet Sophia, our new Creative

Sophia, our new Creative, tells us all about her time in the TV industry, her passion for design and finding her feet here under the arches. 

Here at Delineo, we love welcoming new members to the team. We think there’s nothing better for creativity than fresh blood – it means new perspectives, and more inspiration.  

Bringing new Bright Minds into the mix is always exciting. That’s why, when Sophia joined us under the arches as our new Creative, we couldn’t wait to dig a little deeper. Read on to find out more about Sophia, her passion for design, sought-after experience in the TV industry, and how she’s found her first few weeks at Delineo. 

Hey Sophia! We’re so excited to have you on board. First off, tell us what were you doing before you joined us? 

Back in my home country of Bulgaria, my first proper design job was an in-house creative team that was servicing two TV channels and a group of nine websites. I was lucky enough to work on a huge variety of projects from the very beginning, spanning from creating identities and openers for shows to being part of the rebrand of a TV channel.  

After two extremely productive years there, I came to Manchester and joined an employer branding agency, initially as a graphic designer and later on as an art director.  

I also freelance for music projects, directing photoshoots/videos and creating cover art for releases and events. 

How did you get into design? Was it what you always wanted to do?  

I first got asked by friends to do posters for events, mostly small gigs, logos or help them with photoshoots, which then led to more and more people approaching me for design/direction jobs.  

I started as a freelancer and as I gained more and more confidence, decided to go to a university and do more formal training, which provided me with a view to the ‘bigger picture’. I don’t know whether I’ve always wanted to be a designer, but I am very happy where I am today. 

How are you finding your first few weeks at Delineo – been working on anything exciting? 

My first brief was for one of the UK’s leading publishers, so it couldn't have been better. It’s not too often one gets the chance to work for a client they really like.  

I am also currently cracking on with a branding brief, which is proving itself to be really challenging  and that’s what I like. I hope Im always as lucky with briefs as I have been these first weeks! 

We’re a bit of a mad bunch – what were your first impressions of the team? 

Im still finding my way around, but everyone has been making me feel as though Ive been here for longer!  

My first impression is that everyone here loves a good joke and sugary sweets, so I feel right at home.  

What would you say your bright minds super powers are?  

I like to think that Im good at playing the bass, but it’s a controversial topic  especially for those around me. 

Is there anything you’re hoping to bring to Delineo?  

Hopefully I will bring a lot of smashing designs, and convince at least half of the clients to use illustration so I can have even more fun. 

Thanks for chatting with us Sophia, we can’t wait to see what you get up to!