It has been almost a year since Delineo adopted DoubleClick as our preferred platform for measuring & delivering online campaigns, so how it gone & what have we done with it?

Performance Tracking

Advanced floodlight tracking has given us unparalleled scalability of data across all online media, allowing us to track campaign performance across multiple channels & platforms.

This doesn’t just give us consistency in reporting on conversion targets, it also gives us scope to define & report on audience interaction with client websites and the conversion funnel at each step in the process.

For one client, this meant an in depth analysis of behavioural traits across different verticals, and how their interactions differ with pre-defined conversion points. DoubleClick not only allowed us to achieve this, but real-time bid management across multiple platforms meant bespoke comms delivery was produced at the right time, in just the right place.

Bid Strategies & Attribution

The floodlight tag allows automated bid strategies to use any desired conversion point as a guide for optimisations, across the Display & Paid Search networks.

This gives us the freedom to undertake a wider variety of optimisation techniques, moving away from traditional manual keyword CPC bid changes into more realistic business uses:


  • Automated optimisations to floating CPA targets


  • Optimisations around themes or groupings of products or services across networks & platforms


  • ROI based CPA targets mean media spend is immediately accountable for what it produces




API integration with DoubleClick means faster, more robust administration and reporting. Standardised weekly & monthly reports can be turned out much more quickly, to a level of detail limited only by the imagination.

This has freed up reporting hours, time that can now be spent optimising campaigns!