Is Instagram the place to be?

Most commonly known for being #selfie central and one of the fastest growing social media apps, it’s surprising that Instagram is still one of the most underutilised channels for brands and marketers.

With new research showing that Instagram users are up to 1.8 times more engaged than Twitter users and have the highest conversion rate from browser to shopper, it should make you question whether this could be the next big network for your business.


Like any other social channel, you should only be where your audience are. If your target audience is on Instagram, then why aren’t you? In a digital world where visual content is key to success, Instagram presents a prime opportunity to visually represent your brand and its personality.

Not only can Instagram bring your brand personality to life, but if you’re looking to sell your products it’s an honest way to showcase them in front of your community and keep it top-of-mind for those serial scrollers. Did we mention there are over 3.5billion Instagram likes over the course of a day?


It may seem obvious, but Instagram is all about the community and it’s very much a give and take relationship. Think about what your potential audience wants from social, who do they follow on Instagram and what type of content do they enjoy? Search for relevant hashtags and key accounts. Like and comment on relevant posts, whether they’re from your followers or your competitors – interaction is the key to building a strong community on Instagram.

Don’t get me wrong, success isn’t going to happen overnight just because you’ve set up an Instagram account. Like any other social account it takes time to build up a following and know what works for your business. Remember the more relevant your content is to your followers, the greater the response will be.

Are you #winning? Or are you just posting?

With the introduction of the ‘Zest’ score, everyone at delineo are firm believers that user engagement is THE most important metric on social, when determining your success. With this in mind we can provide your brand with insight to help you make decisions on what channels are right for you. From what your competitors are doing, to the best performing hashtags, to the right time to post… down to the minute, we can provide you with the insight needed to optimise your Instagram strategy.