The Brief

The world got faster and the
client/agency process got slower

Marketing teams are drowning in admin and procurement problems.
Internal stakeholders are frustrated by the pace of change.

Our Define & Deliver approach makes things happen faster and more collaboratively with greater accountability.


  • Client liaises with internal stakeholders to define communication requirement and expectations
  • Internal information and data gathering
  • Client writes internal brief
  • Agency reviews and interprets the brief
  • Agency documents 'Agency brief'
  • Internal review and approval of agency brief
  • Agency project plan, scope and cost estimate
  • Internal approval of agency proposals
  • Work starts


  • Client and Delineo workshop to define the business need and communications requirement
  • Collaborative playback session to agree approach, milestones and deliverables
  • Delineo propose a series of sprints - Strategy, Creative, Performance or Technical sprint to define solution
  • Work starts

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