United Utilities Customer Engagement Campaign



As part of United Utilities’ ongoing customer engagement, they wanted the people of the North West to help shape their future business plans.

Customers, in general, are fairly apathetic towards their water provider so we needed to capture not just the attention of United Utilities customers, but also drive them to actively have their say in what the company should prioritise in the future.

Where customers are engaged it tends to be on their water supply and their bill but a water company actually has a greater impact in the region than you may think. United Utilities challenged us to create a campaign that helped reach into all elements of the business such as it’s environmental impact.

The strategy that Delineo proposed really helped us engage with customers on a wide variety of topics. The unifying insight that our customers have a deeper relationship with United Utilities than they think really helped focus the campaign strategy and bring together an integrated approach across off and online channels. Delineo’s creative approach to the strategy ensured it was brought to life in an engaging and genuine way, resulting in much higher engagements than we see on an average campaign.

Matt Tasker, United Utilities Digital Manager


We quickly established that we needed to create relevance for the audience through connecting elements of its  future priorities to the things we all care about. This idea formed our single-minded thought: ‘you care more about what we do than you think’.

Instead of talking about what the company does in corporate terms, we spoke to real people across the North West and asked them about their real priorities. From a farmer looking after his crops and livestock and a nurse hoping for good service for elderly or vulnerable patients, we gathered a whole range of responses. These real stories were used to connect emotionally with our customers and get them thinking about how what we do impacts their lives.

We then needed to select the channels that would foster a two-way dialogue, settling on social media (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) and local events throughout the region.

United Utilities Customer Engagement Campaign


We drove 96,755 interactions with the public over a two month period. Interactions could be anything from viewing the campaign video, to engaging with our local events, to completing the survey.

  • The total campaign reach was: 1,639,750
  • The total number of completed surveys was: 1,854


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