STENTYS Website Redesign

Web Transformation


STENTYS is a company that develops and supplies groundbreaking stents to cardiologists. They pride themselves on the innovation behind their products, which help save lives all over the world. But while their stents were at the cutting edge of modern medicine, their old website was lagging behind. That’s where we came in.


STENTYS wanted a responsive, easily editable website that could showcase plenty of imagery. So we built them a slick new space on Umbraco, with a clean look and feel that brought it bang up to date.

And to cater to STENTYS’ global audience, we also built in two sides to the website: ‘French’ and ‘International’. Giving them all the flexibility they needed to continue pushing out fantastic products across the world.


After giving us exciting new work to do, the STENTYS Marketing Director simply said:

“P.S. Website is great.”

Can’t say fairer than that.