Cumberland: Brighter Together



Over the last 12 months, Delineo have been helping The Cumberland to launch and embed their ‘Brighter Banking from Cumbria’ positioning. But with the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, business plans have needed to pivot, and new approaches developed.

The Cumberland came to Delineo with the challenge of creating a campaign vehicle specifically for this period. One that enabled them to talk to customers and the Cumberland community about what they were doing to support their customers, businesses, and the region in general through the challenges faced during lockdown.


The pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges to businesses globally. During times like these where families and businesses across the UK are experiencing difficulties with their finances, it is critically important that banks and building societies do the right thing and develop new ways of supporting and communicating with customers.

Delineo created the ‘Brighter Together’ campaign as a vehicle to do just that. On one hand, it was designed to broadcast practical business messages about the available support for homeowners and business customers, and changes to The Cumberland’s customer service. On the other, the campaign communicated how The Cumberland was engaging with communities across the region, and helping to support good causes during this challenging time.

The campaign used video and user generated content to overcome the production challenges brought about by lockdown, and was pushed live through social and radio channels.

Cumberland: Brighter Together


The ‘Brighter Together’ campaign gave The Cumberland a flexible, positive platform to carry Covid-19 related messages to customers, and share day-brightening stories from across the region during difficult times.

The campaign drew over 10,000 engagements per week across all channels for the duration of the 6-week campaign, and saw positive sentiment grow across digital channels.

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Cumberland: Brighter Together

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