Co-op Insurance Social Media Campaign 


Co-op Insurance came to us with the brief for an unashamedly Christmassy social media campaign to back up their Home Insurance offering. It had to maintain the engagement levels of our successful ‘Love this Place’ campaign, and continue to communicate in a fun and human way.


We quickly landed on the festive ritual of unboxing the decorations – the one warm and sentimental activity that hadn’t been done to death by the Christmas marketing juggernaut.  

To keep our campaign distinctly ‘Co-op’, and engage a really broad audience, we kept everything as realistic and unscripted as possible – even asking our talent to bring their own boxes of decorations. All in an effort to remind people that our homes are where memories are made – and for that reason, they’re worth protecting. 


The four films achieved more than 1.6m views on Facebook, with Sylvia and her Grandson gathering more than 750,000 of this figure.

All-in-all the campaign achieved the following results:

  • 1,274 clicks
  • A whopping 1,612,393 video views

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