Redefining Your Brand

A brand isn’t just the product or service you’re selling.

And defining it isn’t as simple as choosing a nice logo and colourways.

Your brand is your point of difference – and the way you show it. It’s the voice you speak in. It’s your reputation. It’s what your customers say when they talk about you to their friends.

Your brand also positions you in the market. It drives perception. Engagement. And ultimately, the decision to choose your business – or a competitor.

In short: what your brand says about your business matters. At Delineo, we’re here to make sure it’s saying all the right things.



While it’s become increasingly important to have a brand purpose – or ‘why’ – it’s how you communicate it that makes all the difference.

Whether you’re solving a problem, filling a gap, or simply making your customer’s life easier. Your comms shouldn’t just focus on your values, but the value you’re creating for your audience. Relevance is key.  


In the 1990s a consumer had 7 touchpoints before making a purchase decision. In 2020, we now live in a world where consumers have between 30 and 50 touchpoints.

So how do you make sure your brand stays believable across every one of those touchpoints?

Firstly, brands need to have a clear, consistent, and compelling brand story.

Secondly, brands must have evidence of their capability to back up that story.

Thirdly, brands need to be honest. In a social-first world, bold claims and embellishments get ‘found out’ faster than ever before. If your brand’s purported purpose can be undermined by the facts, your positioning might need a second look.


Despite those ever-multiplying brand touchpoints, today’s consumer attention spans are shorter than ever.

Brands must therefore work hard to grab their target audience with benefit-led messages, and pass the crucial  ‘so what’ test as quickly as possible.

That means clearly communicating the right benefits, to the right customer, at the right time, and in the right place in the consumer journey. In a strictly on-brand way, of course.


Let’s be honest: having a genuinely unique point of difference in business is a rarity. But developing an emotional point of difference is something any brand can achieve. 

The first step is to identify a brand personality. From heroes and outlaws to jesters and innocents, once you’ve established your archetype, you can focus your communications and start building a real emotional connection with your audience.


Delineo has a proven method for developing brands and taking them to market.

From full rebrands to clever brand evolutions, it’s a step-by-step process designed to help all kinds of brands achieve their full potential.


  • Understanding your market
    Doing your homework gets you far. That’s why we work hard to understand your market, provide insights, and research competitor propositions, offerings and brand positionings, before we do anything else.
  • Understanding your customer
    We also research your customers in depth: their lives and lifestyles, their pain points, their processes for researching and buying, and who or what we’re competing against for their time and attention.
  • Finding your brand energizer
    Is your unique selling point as unique as you think? Is your purpose as defined as it could be? In a world where brands are becoming more and more homogeneous, we help you stand out from the crowd. Working together to find a truly unmatchable point of difference.
  • Making it believable
    The final step of the Brand Discovery is to develop the proof points and supporting evidence that substantiate your brand energizer and make it believable.


  • Applying a brand personality
    We use a bespoke selection of Carl Jung’s personality archetypes to give your Brand Development clear direction and focus. These help define tone of voice and look and feel, and are fantastic tools for keeping things consistent in the future – something which lots of brands struggle with.
  • Bringing your brand to life
    Using the personality archetypes as territories, we then develop the brand story, visual look and feel, and propositions, to show how the brand manifests itself in core branding assets.


  • Taking your brand to market
    A brand needs to exist in the real world, so it’s important to show how and where the brand story is told and to who.
  • Implementing the brand
    From social channels to websites, digital advertising campaigns to print collateral, office spaces to event stands, we can help you bring your brand to life in a consistent, engaging way at every possible touchpoint.

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