Welcome to Aisha, Delineo’s new Head of Performance

Lockdown was difficult for us all, but here are Delineo, we were fortunate enough to be able to welcome another bright mind into our virtual arch! Aisha Zubina Choudry came on board to Head up our Performance team. Our Delineo Advocate, Charlotte, zoomed her into a video call to see how her first few weeks had been.

 So Aisha, welcome. These have been particularly strange times for all of us, but what’s it been like moving roles and starting at a new company during lockdown?


Yeah, it’s been a very challenging start in a new role during lockdown, as you can imagine. But it’s been absolutely a brilliant experience at Delineo so far. Everyone’s been fantastic in welcoming me to the team, being incredibly supportive in helping me find my way around things and I’ve been able to really get stuck into the work quite quickly and getting to grips with the clients that we have, the work that we’re currently doing and what’s coming up in the pipeline. So overall it’s been a brilliant experience and I couldn’t have been happier with the decision that I’ve made.


It’s great to hear, we’re all happy to have you on the team and looking forward to working with you. But what initially attracted you to Delineo?


I was attracted to Delineo because there was a huge opportunity to grow the performance team and with my background – my agency background of 10 years and in marketing 15 years overall – I felt like it was time for me to take on a new challenge and there’s a lot of opportunity with Delineo with the current service offerings in creative and strategy, I felt like I could bring a lot to the table and really help grow the client base and the agency.


Definitely, it will be interesting to see what you’re able to bring to our performance marketing team as well. So what are your initial impressions of Delineo?


At Delineo my initial impressions are that everyone’s incredibly talented, everyone’s very ambitious, they understand digital and everyone wants to do really well and there’s a great culture from what I can gather, you know meeting everyone over video so far, and I’m excited to meet everyone in the office face to face. So yeah, first impression has been really good.


And hopefully we will get that face to face meeting soon, keeping our fingers crossed! So what are your top priorities?


Okay, so my first priority is first of all making sure that everything that we’re doing within the performance team is following best practice. So I’m currently looking at the processes, at the current output, just making sure that they’re up to the standard that we want them to be. And then I’m also looking at how we can deliver our service offering to existing clients, and also potential new clients, and really understand what the opportunity is out there for new business and how we could meet our clients’ needs more closely.


And what do you see the focus being for developing performance marketing in 2020 and beyond?


I think there’s so much opportunity now; during this whole pandemic companies have realised that they need to invest more in their digital marketing and some companies just don’t know how to do that or where to start and they might be evaluating their current digital marketing efforts and we can be there to help them and guide them and get them a better return for their investment. So I think it’s a really exciting time for agencies and especially for Delineo – they already have a great roster of clients and great historical experience, so yeah, I’m excited to see what we can bring and what we can do for clients going forward.


Definitely, and it’s an exciting time to be joining and we’re all thrilled to have you onboard. Thank you for your time Aisha and it’s been great to chat.